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Warlord of Tarna Ww Rutland

Warlord of Tarna

Ww Rutland

Published September 28th 2009
Kindle Edition
239 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Ghang Empire and the Marduk Theocracy are at war and use the “old one’s” technology to fight. Cities have been destroyed and the deep space fleets have battled to a draw.Marduk is an old religion with many horrible practices- Marduk wants to conquer the western edge of space.The Ghang are changelings that can turn into wolves or werewolves when in danger. Their free trade empire is both free from oppression and tolerant of most religions.The emperor’s granddaughter has crashed on a war-torn world called Earth and found a ferocious soldier named Walker. He was Special Forces and he knows how to fight a guerrilla war with primitive people.