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Le Brodeur De Huê Kien Nguyen

Le Brodeur De Huê

Kien Nguyen

Published 2005
ISBN : 9782844921819
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 About the Book 

I definitely liked The Unwanted: A Memoir of Childhood, written by the same author, more than this book. This hbook seems more of a novel, more of a fairy tale, although the author says it is based on stories about their family told by his grandfather. If one likes a novel with more emphasis on plot rather than character analysis, this might be a better choice. Somehow I never quite got attached to the characters. Neither did I think the grandfathers belief that one should appreciate life, get the most out of it while you can, which was expressed so well in the memoir was ever an issue in this novel. As an afterthought, considering all the troubles the authors grandfather had in his lifetime, one could draw this conclusion. However shouldnt we all live this way. Isnt it more a way of looking at how one chooses to live ones life, rather than a result of what life has thrown at you? The love between his grandmother and grandfather wasnt explored, just stated. Complicated, interesting story - but in my eyes this book just doesnt really suceed in pulling the reader into the novel. Very little is learned about Vietnams history through reading this novel. I would not call it a historical novel.